Founded in May of 2000, the Viscount Dance Studios was owned & operated by Jeff Freeman & Janine Twining. Working closely with the former Viscount Ballroom which was conveniently located upstairs, they were instrumental in the revival of swing dancing and Lindyhop in Portland.

After starting with Swing they grew the syllabus to include a plethora of dances including Salsa, Tango, Hip-hop, Bellydancing, Tap, and Balboa.

In 2005 two Viscount instructors, Kevin (Swing) and Sarah (Salsa) took over the business, which had thrived into one of Portland's best known dance related businesses.  Since 2009 Sarah has been the sole owner and manager.  The Viscount moved from it's Burnside location to it's current Sandy Blvd. address in 2012, leaving behind many memories of the old block, but with much improvement in the new space! Many of Portland's studios and instructors got their start at the Viscount, either as instructors or students. We are a Portland institution, and proud to still be serving the beautiful city of Portland with excellent instruction and events!