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A community

You don’t have to look like a dancer to feel like one. Here at the Viscount, we support real dancing for real people.  In this noncompetitive, no-judgement environment, dancers create community the minute the music starts playing, and the minute you start moving to music, you become a dancer. Our classes are built around the student and the Portland dance community, not a sales model, or members only club.

We teach social dancing, not competitive Dance Sport or performance oriented choreography, and believe that an instructor is only as good as the smile on their students faces. Here we encourage you to make mistakes, look like a fool, laugh at your progress, become amazing, and understand that stepping on someones toe can lead to a life long friendship.

We also pride ourselves on creating capable, creative, graceful, and happy dancers, so expect to be impressed with what you’ll learn to do! The dance we teach is about individuals AND community!

Here you can discover the person you always knew you could be, all while making long lasting friendships and improving your health. You do not need any prior experience nor do you need to bring a partner. Just bring your smile and feet and everything in between.

Things happen here

Whether it's a wine tasting, dance night,  live music, movie night, or community garage sale, you are welcome anytime! Want to host your own event? We can make that happen, too!  

What's going on?

Dance Classes Portland

Meet Sarah

The Viscount is a community, but it is run by one person - owner, Sarah Riddle.  You can find her lugging in giant water bottles, watering the studio plants, teaching the Salsa, Disco, and Partner 101 classes, changing the lightbulbs, or responding to your emails and phone calls.  But really we owe the orderly studio daily runnings to 3 Viscount staffers, Dawn, Duane, and Rudolph. They keep the place clean, and you checked in!

Sarah may be the owner, but she started out just like you - somebody curious about dance. She began by showing up at dance venues, then dance classes, then joining dance companies, and eventually as an instructor in the first years of the Viscount Ballroom. She started out as an instructor at the Viscount Dance Studios (formerly), then took over as manager, and eventually owner in 2005. But this ain't no one woman show!  The Viscount wouldn't be the place you love without all the wonderful instructors, dance hosts, assistants, and students like you!  Come join the Viscount family...Sarah, and the rest of us, can't wait to meet you! 

Meet the instructors!

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STart Dancing

From Argentine Tango to Zydeco, there's sure to be a rhythm that will move you. New dancers, experienced dancers...we are all dancers here, and the door is open to all levels and ambitions. If there is music playing and it is making you  move, then you are a dancer, my friend. We've created an environment for you to excavate that inner dancer.  Here we will give you a little structure, some rules, some inspiration, and the freedom to make all the mistakes you need to in order to become the dancer you were born to be.

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