Welcome to the Viscount

It’s your chance to dance at The Viscount, where you don’t have to look like a dancer to feel like one, and where dancers create community the minute the music starts playing.

Our classes are built around the student and the Portland dance community, not a sales model.

We teach social dancing, not competitive Ballroom, and believe that an instructor is only as good as the smile on their students faces. Here we encourage you to make mistakes, look like a fool, laugh at your progress, become amazing, and understand that stepping on someones toe can lead to a life long friendship.

We also pride ourselves on creating capable, creative, graceful, and happy dancers, so expect to be impressed with what you’ll learn to do! The dance we teach is about individuals AND community!

Here you can be the person you always knew you you could be, making long lasting friendships while improving your health and mind. You do not need any prior experience nor do you need to bring a partner. Just bring your smile and feet and everything in between.