To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking.
— Agnes De Mille

Workshops vary month to month, so pre-registration is
highly recommended to ensure class balance.

And some fill up fast, so make sure everyone in your party’s name is on the list! Let us know if you need help with that!


argentine Tango quickstart (intro) W/GLYKERIA MANIS

10/7 SAT 12:00n-3:00p $45 in studio ($40 online) per person

Did you know that Portland is home to one of the largest Argentine Tango festivals in North America? It is no wonder as this romantic and thoughtful dance has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world! Come find out why and how in this special 3 hour workshop designed to get you out on the Tango floor in one afternoon! In this workshop, we will explore Argentine Tango fundamentals (such as frame, timing, the line of dance, and the beauty of walking in Tango) as well as progress to slightly more complicated movements. Students will gain confidence in and connection with their partner and the music given Glykeria’s approached, which is both academic and personable. Come find out what's the to-do about this dance! No prior experience is required. No partner required. Please wear comfortable shoes that do not stick to a wood floor surface (leather bottoms are best).



DanceHall workshop: sensual style (beg) w/Alia

TBA SAT 12:00n-2:00p $25 online ($30 in studio) per person 

DanceHall is a Jamaican street dance that beats like Hip Hop, but swims like liquid dance.  It's feminine and strong, street and pretty, sexy and assertive.  Alia Lux brings new life to the Viscount with her beautiful interpretation of DanceHall!  We love her warm energy, her deep knowledge of the language and culture of DanceHall, and her easy to follow teaching style and technique.  This class will make you want to cut up your tees, unlace your boots, and dance in the street. Two words: classy twerk.

No experience required.



thriller choreography class (ALL LEVELS) W/HEATHER

10/21 SAT 12:00-2:00p  $25 online, $30 in studio

At long last...the skies are gray, the air is moist, it's the spookiest season of the year! What better time to learn to dance like a certifiable zombie!?!? Come learn the unforgettable moves to one of the most iconic music videos of all time: Michael Jackson's Thriller! The look is gross, but the moves are sick... so wow all the guests at this year's Halloween party by busting out some moves from beyond the grave. We'll start with a warm up and some stretching and then break down the steps in an easy to digest format. No formal dance experience required, just the undeniable urge to shake it like a goofy corpse. See you on the dance floor, grizzly ghouls! You don't want to miss it. After all, in the immortal words of Vincent Price, "whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down must stand and face the hounds of hell and rot inside a corpse’s shell!" Let's create a troupe of brain-hungry, jazz-snapping, dance-fiends who Must. Bust. A. Move.




10/29 SUN 11:00a-1:00p $25 online ($30 in studio) per person


Entice and infuse your dancing with skills to flow with your dance partner. The techniques you will learn will provide muscle memory and conditioning to free your inner expression. They will further support alignment and balance, which are essential to grace and ease.  Ultimately, the classes are designed to provide a vocabulary to embody your passion and to effortlessly bring the art of improvisation and embellishment to your tango repertoire. These monthly workshops will give you confidence to dance with more freedom keeping an elegant style.

No partner required. Drop-In Class. Leather or suede bottom shoes recommended.

Prior experience: at least 6 months Argentine Tango experience required




10/28 SAT 1:00-4:00P $45 in studio ($40 online) per person

You want to learn to dance, but don't know where to start? Perfect. There are many beautiful dances out there to learn, but sometimes just the fundamentals of how to move with rhythm and grace with another person are enough. This 3 hour workshop will focus on lead/follow technique that are universal, and the mechanics of traveling, turning, and moving as one. Students will learn how to find and keep a beat, and how to taylor each dance to the particular style of song they are dancing to and how to work with their own natural dance skills. This is not a ballroom course where you learn 'forms' and strict patterns. This class is about learning how to dance in any context with another person. Students leave this workshop not just being the masters of their own dance, but the creators as well. It is a valuable life skill!

What's the biggest take-away from this workshop? You will learn how to love, not fear, partner dancing. This class is great for anyone looking to hone their partner dance skills without having to choose a specific dance style to master.

*Please bring your favorite music! We will dance to anything!




10/7 SAT 3:00-6:00p $45 in studio ($40 online) per person

Have you been curious about learning Salsa, but feel little intimidated? Don’t be! Let us demystify one of the easier parter dances to learn. It may be fast, but it isn’t complicated, and contrary to popular belief, you do not have to know how to shimmy to know how to Salsa! This 3 hour intensive workshop is geared to get dancers and NON dancers moving to today’s most popular Latin Rhythm – SALSA! The class will cover Salsa rhythm, body movement, Salsa timing, 3 basic step variations, three turn patterns, and more! After finishing the Quickstart course, students will be eligible to take the Salsa 2 weekly series, without taking Salsa 1! Don’t miss out on this ever popular, easy to learn dance. Register Now! No partner required.




9/23 SAT 4:00-5:30p $25 in studio ($20 online)

*Each workshop will vary in content a little, so come to one or come to them all! 

Give new life to your salsa, which is to say, loosen it up and give it a little Cuban groove.  Salsa Suelta means "loose" Salsa, or in club vernacular, a Salsa shine.  Sueltas can be done with a partner, or on their own in a line dance format (or on your own at home in front of your cat!). It is how we translate what we hear in the music into how we feel when we are dancing. Jennie Fremont brings her expertise in Cuban Salsa and general awesomeness when it comes to playing with music and dance forms of all types.

The 1st half of the class will focus on movement and footwork. Unlock those shoulders! Unhinge those hips! Liberate your torso!  Improve your range of motion, and articulate your style. Footwork is just the vehicle for applying the body movement to specific timing and musicality.  Where in the music do certain types of movements fit?  How can I relax and let the steps/movements flow from one thing to the next? How can I find space in the movements for all the steps, or can I create it!? Jennie will help you find the answers to these questions through movement.

The 2nd half will focus on incorporating this into your partner work, but let's throw in some Son, Reggaeton, Rumba (Cuban), and Mambo!  These aren't patterns, these are concepts that you can apply like salt.  Add to taste, sprinkle or pour it in. Either way, it will certainly change the flavor of your dance!  Basic-intermediate Salsa partnering knowledge is best.

As Cuban salsa is very grounded and athletic, flat shoes and comfortable clothes are encouraged.  You will move, and you will sweat!




10/21 SAT 2:00-5:00p $45 in studio ($40 online) per person

This monthly workshop is geared to get you from Swing-curios to Swing-furios in just 3 hours! The class will cover Swing rhythm and timing, basic Swing steps with basic step variations; three turn patterns, and more! Vintage Swing is an ageless and ever popular dance that has filled dance halls for over 70 years and it is still as popular as ever! That said, the Swing Quickstart workshop fills up fast, so sign up ASAP! Don't miss out on this exciting and easy to learn dance. Students will learn the equivalent of the 'Intro to Swing' 4 week series material, plus some bonus material in a non-intimidating, low pressure, fun environment. No partner necessary, no prior experience required!