BACHATA (all levels) w/Sarah

Thursdays 8:30-9:30p 5/3-5/24

Bachata! It is as popular as it is versatile. In the last few years Bachata has grown in popularity and we've seen a real evolution in Bachata as a more modern dance form. The music is romantic and a touch bitter sweet, but the movements are much more interesting that a sentimental pop song. They can range from sultry to playful, or beautifully basic to super technical. Like Tango, Bachata's frame can range from open to closed with a varied amount of space, making it dynamic and full of interpretation. This class is design to favor Bachata's playfulness, musicality, and versatility over it's sensuality, which can be intimidated, not to mention over played. For many, Bachata music signals a time to sit down, rather than dance, because of it's reputation for being danced so close, but we are here to demystify, and reinvent that reputation! Let's be inventive, playful, and safe with our dance flirting ;)

No partner required.