Beginning Social Swing  w/melissa

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30p

New to Swing dancing? Been to a few drop-in lessons around town and looking for more? This is the class for you!

Designed as a 3-month series, each month-long session of Beginning Social Swing will focus on a slightly different aspect of what makes Swing so great. With its roots in Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and Charleston, Swing dancing continues to steal hearts all over the world, and Portland is legitimately head over heels!
Here you'll learn the dance, but also it's cultural roots and history!

Here are the themes of each 4 week session: 
Can be taken in any order

Footwork! Learn the 2 most commonly danced patterns and stuff that goes with them: rhythms, lead/follow skills, turns, and doing all that to a range of musical styles and tempos.

Movement! Create fluid and interesting sequences in your social Swing dancing by stacking your moves together like building blocks.

Swing it! Improvisation was a big part of that "new" Swing music sound, back in its time, and the dance still reflects that today. With proper connection we can spruce up our basics with simple variations. PSA: Here’s where you get cool, cat!

SIGN UP! - july 7/2-7/23


Charleston 1 (beg/int) w/melissa + Colin

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30p

Charleston Fun! As in Fun-damentals... It’s not just for flappers anymore! Charleston was revitalized in the Lindy Hop era and now a very popular option in Swing, especially when dancing to fast music. The Lindy version of Charleston is a little more grounded than its 1920s forerunner. It is usually danced side by side, has endless playful variations, and is just so so fun! Learn the basics (+ some extras ;) in this class, as well as how to mix it in with your other swing patterns!

Prerequisite: Minimum of three months of Beginning Social Swing, or instructor approval.

SIGN UP! - JULY 7/2-7/23


advanced lindy  w/melissa + Colin

Tuesdays 8:30-9:30p

Take it to the next level in skill and aesthetics! Lindy can be a truly blood pumping experience, as well as being subtle and finite. Learn how to make your Lindy more versatile and dynamic with some gems out of the bottomless treasure trove of inspired concepts Melissa and Colin bring each month. Students at this level will work with musicality, stylistic embellishments, interesting movements, and a little rule-bending.

The possibilities are endless, and so is the amount of times you can repeat this class and still learn something new ;)

Prerequisite: Lindy Hop 1 & 2, Charleston 1 & 2, social Swing dance experience, and/or instructor approval.

SIGN UP! - july 7/2-7/23



7/13 SAT 12:00-3:00p $45 in studio ($40 online) per person

So, you’ve tried Lindy hop, perhaps taken a few classes, and maybe even have tried it socially but feeling like you could dial it in a little more? That’s what Lindy Lab is for! In a true workshop setting, we’ll dissect the swingout and reveal the ins and outs of developing a strong one. With the inspiration of some great hard-swingin’ tunes, you can test the core concepts of Lindy Hop: connection, momentum, and rhythm. We’ll also have some fun with transitions into and out of Charleston and your 6-count swing basics. This is very hands-on, with less blah-blah and more practice and feedback. Some Lindy Hop experience expected.



advanced lINDY WORKSHOp: Dancing to the Music (ADV) 

7/13 SAT 3:00-5:00p $30 in studio ($25 online) per person

"The only count I know is Basie" - Norma Miller.

Lindy Hoppers - looking to enhance your connection to the music and make your dance conversation with your partner more exciting and creative? We’ll get inside the music and let the music get inside us! Counting can be a useful tool, but it's the music that really drives our dancing. Topics will include song structure, rhythm, energy, flow, solo movement, and yes, dancing to music. Come with titles of a song or two that inspire you.




7/20 SAT 12:00-3:00p $45 in studio ($40 online) per person

Like swing music? Like dancing? This workshop is designed to approach social swing dancing with basic movement and partnering skills that don't necessarily stay within a particular or standardized pattern, freeing us up to really hear and respond to the music. We will explore a range of tempos and song styles and offer ideas that inspire feeling the music and developing connections with it and your dance partner. Some social swing dancing helpful but not required.


Swing Quickstart WORKSHOP (beg/INT) 

TBA SAT 12:00-3:00p $45 in studio ($40 online) per person

The Swing QuickStart workshop is geared to get you from Swing-curious to Swing-furious in just 3 hours! The class will cover Swing rhythm and timing, basic Swing steps with basic step variations; three turn patterns, and more! Vintage Swing is an ageless and ever popular dance that has filled dance halls for over 80 years, and it is still as popular as ever! That said, the Swing Quickstart workshop fills up fast, so sign up ASAP! Don't miss out on this exciting and easy to learn dance. Students will learn the fundamentals of social Swing dancing, plus some bonus material in a non-intimidating, low pressure, fun environment. No partner necessary, no prior experience required!

sign up!


Lindy hop 1 (beg/int) w/melissa + Colin

TBA Tuesdays 7:30-8:30p

Lindy Hop is a dance form that was born in Harlem in the late 1920s. It is a jazz dance that belongs in the Swing family (along with Charleston, Balboa, Shag, and East Coast Swing) and has evolved over the decades into one of the most beloved partner dances in the world.

In this class you will learn the stylish, dynamic, and quintessential Lindy move - the Swingout. One simply can't Lindy Hop without it! We'll dig into the nuances that make this such a dreamy dance through fun drills and lead/follow concepts that will assist you in Lindy, and other Swing dances as well. It's all about momentum! Oh, and fun ;)

Prerequisite: Minimum of three months of Beginning Social Swing or instructor approval.



Charleston 2 (int) w/melissa + Colin

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30p

Let's do more Charleston!
Yes, you've got the FUNdamentals down, now let's do some kick-throughs... Tandem! ... Hacksaws!! ... There are so many possibilities, and here's where you you get to experiment and play. Let's kick it up a notch (pun intended!) and have some fun with the playful side of Charleston!

Prerequisite: Minimum of three months of Beginning Social Swing, Charleston 1, or instructor approval.


Lindy hop 2 (int) w/melissa + Colin

Tuesdays 7:30-8:30p

Let’s add on to your Lindy with more Swingouts, Swingout variations, and bringing your other Swing dance patterns in to the mix!  We'll work on smooth transitions, expanding your repertoire for much more versatility on the social floor, as well as making your moves feel as good as they look.

Material covered in this class will vary, so students are encouraged to take it multiple times.

Prerequisite: Minimum of three months of Beginning Social Swing, Lindy 1, or instructor approval.




$15 Drop In
4 class pass - $50 online, $55 in studio - expires 30 days from activation
8 class pass - $90 online, $95 in studio - expires 45 days from activation
12 class pass - $120 online, $130 in studio - expires 60 days from activation