Salsa 1 - fundamentals  (intro) 

Mondays 6:30-7:30p

Welcome to the exciting world of Salsa! Contrary to what many believe about Salsa dancing, it is a very forgiving, intuitive and easy to learn social dance. Salsa is not only fun, but socially relevant given Portland's growing diversity in Latino Culture. This class will cover the fundamental basic steps and concepts make Salsa what it is: frame, body movement, partnering, and how to navigate the local Salsa scene/dance floor. We will discuss Salsa music, it’s origins, and Salsa specific dance technique and the core framework of leading and following as true with any Latin dance, as well as tips on how to cover up mistakes, non-intimidating stylistic flairs to spice up any move, and dance floor etiquette. Students will also learn 3 or more 'moves' to use on the dance floor and be introduced to the Cross Body Lead, Salsa's most common type of intermediate move. No partner or prior experience necessary

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Salsa 2 -beg Partnering (BEG) 

Mondays 7:30-8:30p

Having established a foundation for Salsa in our Salsa 1 introduction class (or Salsa Quickstart workshop), students will now start to build more on their lead & follow skills while focusing on beginning variations of moves that spin, travel, and groove. Two fundamental moves that go beyond basics in Salsa are open-break variations and cross-body-lead variations. Warm-ups become more intricate and follows are given more styling details than in level 1, and students start to learn the differences between linear club-style Salsa and Cuban style (not to mention Columbian, LA, NY, and other nuances to the regional differences of the dance). Pre-requisite: Salsa 1 or comfort with basic steps and a simple turn. Salsa 2 should be repeated before moving on to Salsa 3.

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Salsa 3 - turn patterns, shines, and styling  (int) 

Mondays 8:30-9:30p

At this level, students will learn to use, and embellish, the cross-body-lead as a transition between new, more dynamic moves! In Salsa 3 we start to break the rules learned in Salsa 1 and 2, encouraging students to be creative while understanding why moves work, rather than just learning a set pattern that an instructor is demonstrating. Students will also learn ways to incorporate more styling and musicality to their dancing at this level - giving it that Salseros edge! Pre-requisite: Mastery of Salsa 2 or equivalent level of experience. Salsa 3 is meant to be repeated at least three times as content changes month to month.

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11/13 WED 8:30-9:45p

Learn the fundamental techniques needed for partnering! Safe, fun, and comfortable turns that are relaxed, balanced, and beautiful. To know how to do this we will discuss grip, timing, flow, and economy of movement.

Then will work on 3 basic moves: the simple turn, the Cross Body Lead, and an open break (right side pass/enchufle).

Must be very comfortable with the basic steps and salsa timing.



11/20 WED 8:30-9:45p

Salsa Combos w/Styling, and a little more! Take the basic moves you know and make them club worthy: tight, fast, controlled, and no basics in-between. We will work on moves that link together seamlessly, and that do not take up much room on the floor. Follows will get to incorporate styling (there's more to it than just your arms!), and leads will start using more complicated preps and using the space on the floor more resourcefully and responsibly.

For dancers with club dancing experience, and very familiar with Crossbody lead variations.



11/16, 11/30, 12/14 SAT 4:00-5:30p $25 in studio ($20 online)

Give new life to your Salsa, which is to say, loosen it up and give it a little Cuban groove!  Salsa Suelta means "loose" Salsa, or in club vernacular, a Salsa shine.  Sueltas can be done with a partner, or on their own in a line dance format (or on your own at home in front of your cat!). It is how we translate what we hear in the music into how we feel when we are dancing. Jennie Fremont brings her expertise in Cuban Salsa and general awesomeness when it comes to playing with music and dance forms of all types.

This class will focus on movement and footwork. Unlock those shoulders! Unhinge those hips! Liberate your torso!  Improve your range of motion, and articulate your style. Footwork is just the vehicle for applying the body movement to specific timing and musicality.  Where in the music do certain types of movements fit?  How can I relax and let the steps/movements flow from one thing to the next? How can I find space in the movements for all the steps, or can I create it!? Jennie will help you find the answers to these questions through movement.

Popular Cuban dances such as Son, Reggaeton, Rumba (Cuban), Mambo, as well as Afro-Cuban concepts, will be taught in this class right alongside Salsa. These aren't patterns, these are concepts that you can apply like salt.  Add to taste, sprinkle or pour it in. Either way, it will certainly change the flavor of your dance!  Basic-intermediate Salsa partnering knowledge is best.

*when signing up for more than one person, be sure each participant is signed up separately.

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cha Cha-salsa dance practica

11/15 FRI 7:30-10:00p  $8 online, $10 at the door

A practice social for people new to Salsa and Cha Cha, and seasoned dancers a like! Having a space to practice, without the pressure of the night clubs and "socials", a practica provides a safe, fun, and casual space to work on technique, practice your shines, meet new dancers, and even try out the opposite role! New dancers can wet their toes, so to speak, in both Salsa and Cha Cha (and Bachata, too!) in this all ages, welcoming, and casual environment. It's early in the evening, so you can still go out social dancing afterwards. Throughout the 2.5 hours of the practica, short 10 minute lessons will be sprinkled in with longer stretches of DJed music, each focusing on different styles of dance (Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata), turn technique, footwork, or body movement. A short 10 minute lesson, followed by 20 minutes of music makes for a great practice session, and a great warm up for those looking to hit the clubs later!

Refreshments, light snacks, lessons, and a good time!

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11/16 SAT 1:00-4:00p $40 online, $45 in studio

Have you been curious about learning Salsa, but feel little intimidated? Don’t be! Let us demystify one of the easier parter dances to learn. It may be fast, but it isn’t complicated, and contrary to popular belief, you do not have to know how to shimmy to know how to Salsa! This 3 hour intensive workshop is geared to get dancers and NON dancers moving to today’s most popular Latin Rhythm – SALSA! The class will cover Salsa rhythm, body movement, Salsa timing, 3 basic step variations, three turn patterns, and more! After finishing the Quickstart course, students will be eligible to take the Salsa 2 weekly series, without taking Salsa 1! Don’t miss out on this ever popular, easy to learn dance. Register Now! No partner required.

*when signing up for more than one person, be sure each participant is signed up separately.



TBA $30 online, $35 in studio

Salsa stands apart from other dances because of its flair, fluidity, and flirtatiousness. Salsa is danced not just with your feet, but with every part of your body; from the tips of your toes to the tips of their fingers. This workshop is designed to refine and solidify technique you already have, or open up your movement to more graceful and agile possibilities!

You will begin with dance conditioning, stretching and strengthening exercises to keep dancers injury-free and more flexible in class and on the dance floor. Sarah will then have students perfect their linear basics while peppering in arm styling, body movement, and easy footwork additives to mix in with your basics.

You will also work on turn technique and shine choreography. Learn to play with the music and build your agility and grace while building your dance vocabulary!

Sarah's approach is based on injury prevention, which gives students a better dance mechanics and a greater knowledge of how the body works to enable more natural styling.


Salsa styling routine for follows (int/adv)


Salsa Styling Routine class will give experienced Salsa follows (on 1) a chance to up their game by learning Salsa Styling technique through choreography. Learning a routine changes the way you process and store information so that material registers intellectually but also exercises the benefits of muscle memory. Each class will be divided into 1 part training/conditioning/turn technique and 1 part choreography. Where clothes you can stretch AND dance in. The choreography will accentuate feminine followers styling. Must be solidly familiar with Salsa basics and simple turns.

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Salsa routine class (int/adv) 


Salsa Routine class will give experienced Salsa (on 1) dancers a chance to up their game by learning choreography. Learning a routine changes the way you process and store information so that material registers intellectually but also solidifies the benefits of muscle memory into your mental bank of moves and how to transition from one to another, and how and when to incorporate styling and flare! Oh, and it's FUN! The end goal is not a performance, but the conditioning one gets from prepping for a performance. We will incorporate partnering as well as footwork/shines, and include tricks (dips!) that can be used socially as well.
Viscount routine classes are a blast! It's all the dance fun, social camaraderie, and training benefits of being in a performance group without the stress!

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weekly classes pRICING

Drop In - $15
4 class pass - $50 online, $55 in studio - expires 30 days from activation
8 class pass - $90 online, $95 in studio - expires 45 days from activation
12 class pass - $120 online, $130 in studio - expires 60 days from activ8