Drop In - $15
4 class pass - $50 online, $55 in studio - expires 30 days from activation
8 class pass - $90 online, $95 in studio - expires 45 days from activation
12 class pass - $120 online, $130 in studio - expires 60 days from activation


Hip hop (all levels) 

Fridays 6:45-7:45p
Sundays 10:00-11:00a 

This urban funk dance set to contemporary Hip Hop music emphasizes body movement and rhythm. Bring your sneakers and your soul and check your pride at the door because it's all about having fun, feeling fierce, and exercising your physical and mental health! Heathers style of Hip Hop will not turn you into a dancer, it will show you the dancer that you've always been. This class is geared towards getting experienced dancers, and first time dancers looking as good as they feel doing the movements of this dynamic dance. The class will also lead students through a starting warm up, finishing cool down, and proper stretching techniques that will make the class a safe workout.



thriller choreography class (ALL LEVELS) W/HEATHER

10/21 SAT 12:00-2:00p  $25 online, $30 in studio

At long last...the skies are gray, the air is moist, it's the spookiest season of the year! What better time to learn to dance like a certifiable zombie!?!? Come learn the unforgettable moves to one of the most iconic music videos of all time: Michael Jackson's Thriller! The look is gross, but the moves are sick... so wow all the guests at this year's Halloween party by busting out some moves from beyond the grave. We'll start with a warm up and some stretching and then break down the steps in an easy to digest format. No formal dance experience required, just the undeniable urge to shake it like a goofy corpse. See you on the dance floor, grizzly ghouls! You don't want to miss it. After all, in the immortal words of Vincent Price, "whosoever shall be found without the soul for getting down must stand and face the hounds of hell and rot inside a corpse’s shell!" Let's create a troupe of brain-hungry, jazz-snapping, dance-fiends who Must. Bust. A. Move.