We have a dance party nearly every Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  All are welcome and no preregistration is required. Scroll down to see how we party!

Want to host a party of your own? Our beautiful 1600 sq ft room is available for rent when classes are not in session. We can host around 50 guests, provide an optional dance lesson, if that the kind of party you want to have (highly recommended), and lots of times available during the holidays, on weekends, and even during the day for company events.

Party rentals are $75 an hour, making it a very affordable spot for your shin dig. Looking to rent to host a class or workshop? We have different rates for meetings and classes.  

Contact us to book your party here: 503.226.3262, info@danceviscount.com



Sunday Tango Practica (every Sunday!) - 1:00-5:00p

The Practica is an informal dance where students are encouraged to dance with other dancers of varying levels, try new things, make mistakes, practice, ask for feedback, and play! An instructor is on hand for asking questions and discussing concepts. Vendors of various Tango related goods are often in attendance, making the practica a one-stop-shop-and-dance event! $7

4th Friday old school salsa Social & Fundraiser- 8:00-10:30p 


4th Friday Night Salsa Social time! And we do it old school, meaning the focus is on SALSA! Yes - we'll be playing some Cha Cha Chas, and a few Bachatas, but mostly we will be playing the Salsa hits that got you hooked in the first place. Columbian Salsa, Son Montunos, Timbas, Salsa Duras, Salsa Romanticas (hello 2001!), and even some Palladium era Mambos!  All ages (peeps under 15yr old are free!), all levels.

Beginners lesson at 8:00, open dancing at 8:45, food and drinks for all.
The social begins with a short warm up lesson for first time Salsa students that covers the basics and a move or two use immediately! This is a great way to improve your dance skills and form connections with other dance students without the pressure of late night dance clubs. All ages welcome!