Every Sunday w/Bill Alsup
12:00n-4:00p $7 - refreshments/snacks, lesson, dancing

The Practica is an informal dance where students are encouraged to dance with other dancers of varying levels, try new things, make mistakes, practice, ask for feedback, and play! An instructor is on hand for asking questions and discussing concepts. Vendors of various Tango related goods are often in attendance, making the practica a one-stop-shop-and-dance event!

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Practica con gusto (all levels)

11/8 Every 2nd Friday 7:30-10:30p - $10

This practice social is for new and seasoned dancers alike. A safe, fun, and casual environment, dancers are invited to work on their dance, meet new people, and even try out learning the “other role”.

Throughout this unique 2.5 hour practica, short 10-minute lessons are interspersed with a variety of Tango music, spanning from the Golden Age Classics to Modern Orchestras. These mini-lessons are geared towards giving dancers material to work on while having the opportunity to practice in the moment, without the pressures of being in a Tango Social.

To support more frequent rotation of partners, music is DJ’d in a 2-song format, followed by a “Cortina”, short transitional songs during which time you have an opportunity to find a new partner to work with.

Come curious, ready to learn, ready to laugh, already to make mistakes, and support your fellow dancers.

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Zydeco Dance Party (all levels)

Every 1st Friday 11/1
7:30-10:00p lesson + dancing
$8 - all levels, no partner required

What is Zydeco? Zydeco is your new favorite dance! Designed to accompany the Western-Louisianan music style of the same name, Zydeco is a partner dance that is easy, playful, interactive, and as gritty or sweet as you want to make it. Casual attire dressed up is the look. Think Sunday Denim, and pressed western shirts. Polish off your cowboy boots, because you're going to want to 'eat-a-beat' with those kicks. 

The 1st Friday of every month, Viscount dancers and Zydeco dancers from the community are welcome to join Janine and Roland Jemerson of Cascade Zydeco for this monthly party! Low lighting, bright music, the best company, and good times all around. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

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fast feet swing social (all levels) w/Mike, Haily, Colin, melissa, emily, and rod!

11/22 FRI 7:30-10:00p $10 in studio/online

It's time to get footloose and fast-foot-free! Exercise your footwork chops in Swing’s quicker dances - Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag. You'll get a micro lesson in each style, refreshments and snacks, and lots of opportunities to learn, dance, practice, and socialize with your friends and instructors. All levels welcome! All ages welcome!

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cha ChA + salsa practica 

11/15 FRI 7:30-10:00p  $10 at the door, $8 online

A practice social for people new to Salsa and Cha Cha, and seasoned dancers a like! Having a space to practice, without the pressure of the night clubs and "socials", a practica provides a safe, fun, and casual space to work on technique, practice your shines, meet new dancers, and even try out the opposite role! New dancers can wet their toes, so to speak, in both Salsa and Cha Cha (and Bachata, too!) in this all ages, welcoming, and casual environment. It's early in the evening, so you can still go out social dancing afterwards. Throughout the 2.5 hours of the practica, short 10 minute lessons will be sprinkled in with longer stretches of DJed music, each focusing on different styles of dance (Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata), turn technique, footwork, or body movement. A short 10 minute lesson, followed by 20 minutes of music makes for a great practice session, and a great warm up for those looking to hit the clubs later!

Snacks and refreshments provided.
Lesson and dance $8 (so cheap!)
All ages. All experience levels. All attire types.