We have a dance party nearly every Friday night and Sunday afternoon.  All are welcome and no preregistration is required. Scroll down to see how we party!

Want to host a party of your own? Our beautiful 1600 sq ft room is available for rent when classes are not in session. We can host around 50 guests, provide an optional dance lesson, if that the kind of party you want to have (highly recommended), and lots of times available during the holidays, on weekends, and even during the day for company events.

Party rentals are $75 an hour, making it a very affordable spot for your shin dig. Looking to rent to host a class or workshop? We have different rates for meetings and classes.  

Contact us to book your party here: 503.226.3262, info@danceviscount.com

west side story dance.jpg

West Side Story Winter Dance Party + Fundraiser

12/22 FRI 8:00P-12:00a $10+

We here at the Viscount are a celebratory lot and like to acknowledge hard times and bid them adieu by connecting on the dancefloor and strengthening our community. We celebrate the triumphs of the world the same way, by (quite literally) holding on to one another...with music! It is time to say good-bye to 2017 and to link arms as we greet the new year with strength and togetherness. That's why we want to extend the invitation to all you dancers, and non-dancers as well, to our West Side Story Winter Formal on December 22nd (8p-12m).  It's a vintage Latin/WSS themed dance party and mocktail hour that will give you a chance to become a helper. Imagine the parties that the Sharks and Jets might have thrown together after their unification? Snowed-in at Anita's Hell's Kitchen flat with all your best dressed cronies and a turn-table... nog, snacks, warmth... Mambo!

Feeling cozy? Good! Now make it a fundraiser for the non-profit, Unidos Por Puerto Rico. Check out how they are helping our brothers and sisters in PR recover from Hurricane Maria.


We will have a Mambo lesson, a West Side Story line dance, food, a raffle, drinks, and music! Last Year we raised $1600 dollars for the international Committee for the Red Cross! Let's see how much more we can raise for PR!

Tickets are $10, but you are welcome to pay more for the cause! Bring extra cash for the raffle!

$10 per person
Formal attire enforced...or at lest strongly encouraged!



Sunday Tango Practica (every Sunday!) - 1:00-5:00p

The Practica is an informal dance where students are encouraged to dance with other dancers of varying levels, try new things, make mistakes, practice, ask for feedback, and play! An instructor is on hand for asking questions and discussing concepts. Vendors of various Tango related goods are often in attendance, making the practica a one-stop-shop-and-dance event! $7

DC Soul NIGHT - 8:00-10:30p

12/1 FRI 8:00-10:30p  $8

Inspired by a trend that began in Melissa's hometown of Washington DC decades ago, she has choreographed a line dance and wants to share it with you! Get groovy and kick it soul style with a low-intensity but tight routine. Then we’ll rev it up and bounce with a variety of vintage soul all night long!  All levels.

2nd Friday zydeco Dance Party - 8:00-10:30p

12/8 FRI 8:00-10:30p  $8

What is Zydeco? Zydeco is your new favorite dance! Designed to accompany the Western-Louisianan music style of the same name, Zydeco is a partner dance that is easy, playful, interactive, and as gritty or sweet as you want to make it. Casual attire dressed up is the look. Think Sunday Denim, and pressed western shirts. Polish off your cowboy boots, because you're going to want to 'eat-a-beat' with those kicks. 

The 2nd Friday of every month, Viscount dancers and Zydeco dancers from the community are welcome to join Janine and Roland Jemerson of Cascade Zydeco for this monthly party! Low lighting, bright music, the best company, and good times all around. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

old school cha ChA + salsa social

1/19 FRI 8:00-10:30p  $8

It's time to get your old school Salsa and Cha Cha on! This event starts with a 1 hour basic Salsa and Cha Cha footwork lesson followed by your favorite salsa and Cha Cha tunes from over the last few decades. Do you love Mambo era big band music? So do we, so you'll hear plenty of that! Is boogaloo more your jam? Sweet! We have that in spades!  Are you new to Cha Cha? Not anymore...join this slightly underground movement to get more Cha Cha played in the clubs. But in the meantime, you can get your fix here!

Snacks and refreshments provided.
Lesson and dance $8 (so cheap!)
All ages. All experience levels. All attire types.