Belly dancing Series (all levels) w/alexis reale

Sundays 4:30-5:30p
$15 drop in, $50 4-class pass (online)

All the benefits and opportunities to learn this ancient and beautiful dance in a weekly series. Learn progressively, form a habit, grow incrementally, and impress yourself with what your continuity and dedication can provide!

Bellydance is one of the oldest forms of dance in practice and is a great way to build strength in the body, increase self-confidence, and experience healing through movement. In this beginner-friendly class, dancers and non-dancers alike will experience in-depth movement breakdowns, personalized feedback, posture and drilling techniques, and short choreography combinations. Cultural origins and musicality will also be explored. This class is designed to get you out of your comfort zone and have fun exploring this gentle movement style in a supportive environment. A low impact form of exercise that doesn't actually feel like exercise, bellydance is a fun and creative way for students of all ages and dance backgrounds to learn to translate music through movement. Alexis strives to provide students with a solid foundation of the dance while encouraging students to refine their technique, build confidence, and explore their own unique style of expression through movement. 

Because Bellydancing celebrates the female form (and you need to see what your body is doing in order to learn!) please wear clothing that will enable you to see your beautiful body move! Hip scarves and bare feet are also encouraged.

Come to move, but also come with your curiosity about Belly Dance culture and context.
All levels welcome! 

SIGN UP - october 10/13-10/27


Drop In - $15
4 class pass - $50 online, $55 in studio - expires 30 days from activation
8 class pass - $90 online, $95 in studio - expires 45 days from activation
12 class pass - $120 online, $130 in studio - expires 60 days from activation