MONDAY  7/31-8/21
5:30-6:30p Swingercise! (all levels) w/Melissa *no class 8/21
6:30-7:30p Salsa 1 (intro) w/Sarah
7:30-8:30p Salsa 2 (beg/int) w/Sarah
8:30-9:30p Salsa 3 (int) w/Sarah

TUESDAY 8/1-8/22
6:30-7:30p Bhangra + Giddha (all levels) w/Anjali
7:30-8:30p Vintage Swing 1 (intro) w/Melissa
8:30-9:30p Vintage Swing 2 (beg) w/Melissa 

WEDNESDAY 8/2-8/23
6:30-7:30p Vintage Swing 3 (int) w/Melissa + Colin
7:30-8:30p Vintage Swing 4 (int) w/Melissa + Colin
8:30-9:30p Balboa Swing (beyond beg) w/Rod + Emily

THURSDAY 8/3-8/24
6:30-7:30p Salsa Styling for follows (all levels) w/Sarah
7:30-8:30p Partner 101 (intro) w/Sarah
8:30-9:30p Cha Cha Cha (int) w/Sarah

FRIDAY 8/4-8/25
6:45-7:45p Hip Hop (all levels) w/Heather
8:00-10:30p 8/11 Zydeco Dance Party w/Janine and Roland $8

SATURDAY 8/12-8/26
10:00-11:00a Swingercise! (all levels) w/Melissa *no class 8/5
12:00n-6:00p WORKSHOPS *click on link for details

SUNDAY 8/13-8/27
10:00-11:00a  Hip Hop (all levels) w/Heather *no class 8/6
11:00-1:00p 8/27 Int. Argentine Tango Seminar w/Gly
1:00p-5:00p Tango Practica ($5 = dance + lesson) w/Bill *no practica 8/6

Studio will be closed 8/28-9/3 for instructor break and studio Summer clean!