"I had wanted to learn to swing dance for years, but never took the plunge until I fell in with a group of friends who had started a year or so earlier. 'Where did you learn?' I asked. 'The Viscount Studio! Melissa!' came the unambiguous reply.  So, I signed up for Melissa's Swing Quickstart Workshop. Well, that was it. I got bit by the dancin' bug, and its teeth went deep." -Jeff




0. if you have already taken classes with us, then log in directly to our enrollment page HERE

1. Go to the CLASSES, MONTH SCHEDULE, or WORKSHOPS page and find the class you want to take. Click on it, or in the case of the CLASSES page, click on SIGN UP.

2. You will be directed to our Mindbody software where you can see the description of the class, when it is offered, and a button that says SIGN UP!

(Are you sensing a theme here?)

3. At this point you will need to log in, or create an account. Once you do, you'll see the page with all the dates for that particular class term. Select ALL of the dates you intend on taking.

     PRO TIP: if you are trying to sign up and pay for 2 or more people, the persons account with the payment power will need to set up the "relationship" using the other parties names as "pays for". Sign yourself up first. OR simply register each member separately. If you run into trouble at all, just let us know and we will take care of it ;)

4. Then select ENROLL to pay online or ENROLL AS UNPAID to pay in class. NOTE: paying online gets you a $5 discount (except on drop-ins)! The system will then walk you through a payment process, or (if you already have credit card info stored in your account, or chose to enroll as unpaid) bring you directly to your MY SCHEDULE page. And you're done!

Check out our rates on the Pricing + Policies page for extra deets on returns, unused classes...etc.

If you are pre-registering via telephone or email please make sure that you provide us with your full name, phone number and email. Please be certain to specify the class or classes you wish to take.

In order to better organize our classes we ask that you please pre-register. By pre-registering for a session you will receive a discount and secure yourself a place in the class. Do you have questions about our return policy, transfer of credit, or unused classes? Please go to our Pricing + Policies page.

Signing in & Wait-lists

PLEASE SHOW UP 10 minutes before class the first week of the session to sign in and pay (if you didn't pay online). IF YOU SHOW UP 5 minutes after class is supposed to start, and you are not on a wait list (but there is a wait list for the class) you will probably lose your space. However! We encourage you to COME EVEN IF YOU'RE RUNNING LATE :) We know what it's like out there and would prefer you miss the first few minutes of class than a whole series! Stroll in late, call if you're on your way...you'll only lose your spot if there is a wait list for class. IF YOU ARE ON A WAIT LIST, please arrive 5-10 min before the class starts and check in with the registration desk. It is very likely that you will get in to the class :)

Class Sizes

To ensure the best possible instruction for all of our students we prefer to keep to ~22 student maximum in all partner classes, 10 in fitness classes. (In order to balance the lead/follow ratio we may need to let a few more students in.) Once a class has reached its capacity (during the registration process) you will have the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list. A minimum of 4 students is also preferred ...so a class may be subject to cancelation for the duration of the term if there are fewer than 4 people the first day of class. Cancelation is based on the instructors discretion.

All of our partner classes are taught with both leads and follows rotating partners frequently throughout the class. All students are strongly encouraged to rotate in our group classes, however we are open to students special requests not to :)


The Viscount strives to bring you an assortment of many styles of dance. If there is something we don't offer that you would like to see us teach, or if there is anything you would like to see more or less of, please let us know. We'd love to hear your comments! Contact us through the site or call 503-226-3262.